We started this campaign in hopes of spreading knowledge of what great work people are doing around the world to help the voiceless have a voice.  We are here to highlight the love that is continuously being given to animals, people and the mother earth.  Where there is harm being done, we are trying to find ways to make changes so there is less suffering and more hope and healing.  We hope to inspire you to stand up and show your love to all living beings.  Live each day with the intention to spread peace, love and compassion.  


Thanks to you we have have been very successful in our efforts for raising money

for the Uplands Peak Sanctuary,  Animal House , The Rocky Mountain Raptor Program,  The Nest Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation  ,Wild Care Inc. and petsalive.  We want to thank everyone that have participated in supporting us!


We encourage you to continue to offer support to the these amazing organizations whenever you can. They are continuously doing great work and we want to thank them for their generosity and kindness that they give to this world.

 We also want to thank YOU from the bottom of our hearts for helping to raise the monies that have been donated to all of these great organizations. We appreciate every time anyone supports us.  We hope that you continue to give and volunteer wherever and whenever you can to all the great causes that are near and dear to your heart that allow for more love and light to spread across this amazing planet.  


Love and Let Live

a campaign for peace, love & compassion