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Trista Price

Intuitive Empowerment Guide



Every step you take is lovingly supported by your
higher Self, ancestors, angels and spirit guides.

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I Help People

connect to their own beautiful energy and spirit, empowering them to experience impactful and abundant lives. I offer reiki energy, intuitive guidance, mediumship and other practical tools to help you build a deeper inner trust and knowing of yourself as you navigate your life with more clarity, truth and hope. I am not a future seer, but I can help you with this present moment as you continue to create your future one step at a time. 


Each session will support you in becoming more connected to living your life in alignment with your spiritual, emotional and physical well being. 

You Are Amazing

Bloomington, Indiana USA ~  ~  970-988-9941

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Listen to the wind, it talks.  Listen to the silence, it speaks.  Listen to your heart, it knows. 
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What to expect during a session...

As an intuitive empowerment guide I connect with your energy and spirit to help you develop a stronger sense of Self. My intention is to help you deepen your connection to your mind, body and spirit. 


I want to see you ignite from within and shine your light!

I'm an intuitive, Reiki Master teacher, meditation guide and breathwork facilitator. I channel Universal energy and spirit guides that offer guidance, love and support. We will work specifically with your beautiful energy and incorporate tools and practices that best support you in your life in this moment. You are deserving of a beautiful life. Let's help you thrive!


I do not work as a future seer nor do I know the life path of other people in your life. Spirit guides offer direction, insight, and suggestions, they do not tell us what to do or interfere with free will. They can however, offer a greater awareness and different perspectives in order to help point you in the appropriate direction.

We will work on how to connect to and strengthen your own powerful, personal energy to help you live as your

most authentic self. Our sessions are interactive, not a lecture from me or your guides. I connect with your energy and hold space for you to connect with all parts of you. I do not offer exactly how your life will play out or with whom....but can help you tap into your amazing energy to empower and strengthen your ability to use your heart and intuition to be able to make grounded decisions for a more connected life.  


I often incorporate meditation, conscious breathing, sound healing, oracle cards and Reiki energy into our sessions to help clear and balance your energy in order to be open to receive exactly what you need in the moment. Everything I work with is loving, spiritual energy.  Are you ready?

Benefits Of A Spiritual Self Care Session

*Brings clarity in your life
*Allows you to discover and remember who you are
*Helps to instill a positive attitude during hardships
*Brings harmony and inner well being into your life
*Assists in navigating through challenging times
*Reminds you that you are an empowered, loving soul
*Receive uplifting messages of love, guidance, and support

Healing Sacred Space  ~ Bloomington, Indiana  ~ 970-988-9941 

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