Awakening Your Heart & Soul

Hello.  My name is Trista Price and I'm an Intuitive Guide, Soul Coach, Reiki Master, Breathwork Facilitator and Teacher. I help people feel empowered to experience impactful and abundant lives with practical guidance for navigating life with clarity, truth and optimism.  My passion is to help you awaken to your soul, to assist you in living with your full heart and to help elevate your mindset while connecting you to your amazing inner wisdom.
The healing practices I work with are all based in unconditional love, compassion and truth. We all have the knowledge deep inside us, the knowing of how to stay balanced, to stay open and connected.  Sometimes, we just need a little guidance and someone to hold space to help facilitate the process.  I'm committed to what I do and I love this work.  I am honored to be able to connect with you and your guidance and to walk with you on this journey.  Each session supports you in becoming more empowered to live in alignment with your spiritual self, emotional and physical being. You are an amazing ball of cosmic energy and you deserve to live your joy!
Guiding You Toward An Empowered Life

I found reiki and breathwork over 9 years ago, when my spirit needed to find it's way back.  I was going through a period of deep grief and these both helped me to heal. When I started to release the pain and heartache,  I noticed that slowly I was transforming my darkness into love and healing. It awakened my gifts as an intuitive, medium and guide. Through simple actions like meditation, breath and daily practices, I started to tap into who I really was.  My light started to shine through!
I've been connecting with the spirit world since I was in my teens, but truly embraced it when I started my awakening journey a few years back.  I've worked with other healers and mediums to strengthen my gifts and continue to deepen my own well of knowledge so that I may be a blessing to you.

During our sessions you will receive messages of love and encouragement from ancestors, guides, angels and spirit. Insights that you receive should confirm what you already know and open you up to greater wisdom.  We may also work with Reiki energy, which can help with the clearing of your energy, stress, pain and enhance overall wellness.  So not only do you get to take a minute to relax, reset and rebalance, you will also be guided into connecting with any guidance that you are needing to receive. I work with oracle cards, connect to past lives, guide you on a soul retrieval and finding simple ways for you to integrate spirituality into your daily life in practical and simple ways. No two sessions will ever be the same.  I trust that guidance will assist us in knowing exactly what you need during our sessions.  My intention is to meet you where you are in your life and help you reconnect with your heart and soul and to help you reignite your passions, purpose and joy!

What to expect in a session with Trista:

* During a session I connect with my guides and channel their messages to bring you insight on how to create your own change and how to stretch, grow and move forward in your life.

*I read energy, connect to your higher self and to spirit world. I do not predict the future.
I'm given words, images, symbols, feelings and insights in order to help you feel
supported, empowered and guided toward your own inner knowing. The purpose of our sessions can be to open yourself up to more and create a vision of your life that helps you to live fully from your heart.  My intention is for you to leave feeling more open,  grounded, balanced and prepared for the next steps in your life.  
*When asking about a specific time related question, know that in the spirit world there is no time. Be open and flexible with time. 

*It is not for us to know when our loved ones will cross over into spirit world.
That journey is theirs, not ours to know the answer. 

* When connecting with loved ones in spirit, please understand that they too have free will. It's like inviting people to the party but not always knowing who is going to show up. I always try my best to bring through whoever is ready to speak. 

*You can expect to receive beautiful, empowering messages of love and support.  You can expect to share in the energy of guides, angels,  ancestors, higher self and the healing
energy of reiki. The spirit world is fascinating and loving. Connecting with them helps
us to understand ourselves, why we are here and how to benefit the most from our
time on this amazing planet.  

I also offer workshops, guided meditations, healing circles, shamanic journeys, teach Usui Reiki, and other healings to help you get more deeply connected to yourself, your life, to our beautiful mother earth and to all the living creatures that we get to share this planet with.  
To help you prepare for a session with this type of healing work, it's best to just relax and trust in the process and let it happen.  I love what I do and I will do my absolute best to bring through what you need.  I am honored and grateful to witness the healing and love that guidance and our loved ones bring us.  

If you are interested in knowing more, I would love to hear from you.  
If you'd like to chat before you book a session,
I offer a free 30 minute phone call to discover how I can be of service to you.  

Just a friendly reminder that there will be a rate increase in January 2022

Intuitive Spiritual Mentoring Session....1 hour $80
One hour where I will support you spiritually in your life journey. 

Intuitive Spiritual Mentoring Session....90 minutes $120 
90 minutes where I will support you spiritually in your life journey. 

Intuitive Spiritual Mentoring Session For 2 People.....
60 minutes $120
90 minutes $180
2 hours $225

Past Life Reading...1 hour 45 minutes $140
we will be guided into your souls journey, traveling
back into past lifetimes receiving insights and healings that will help
support you in your current life.  

30 minute distance Reiki session with personal message $50
30 minutes of distance healing to help balance and ground your energy. A personal intuitive message will be emailed to you after the session including any insights Trista may have received during the session. This session does not include connecting by phone or zoom. Be prepared in a comfortable space to receive the healing reiki during your session and receive the personal message via email. 

30 minute email reading $50
Short on time but need a little guidance? Book this appointment here and ask
1 or 2 questions that you need guidance with. You will receive an email
reading within 72 hours of your booking. 

During this time, I am offering sessions via video/phone and in person.
A mask will be required if not vaccinated for in person sessions.

Thank you for your cooperation! 

Please reach out to schedule your session.
The energy knows no boundaries and you will receive exactly
what you need whether we are in person or at a distance.
Find me at Balance Massage and Wellness in Columbus, IN a few times a month.  Contact me  for my monthly schedule.



I've always offered distance sessions and I love them! No amount of time or space can keep us from connecting with the power of divine energy!



 I am very thankful for Trista in my life.  She covers a lot of facets.  I have worked with and for Trista at her boutique in Ft. Collins.  I also witnessed her stepping into her transition and onto a path of healing.  Not only was I impressed with her ability to have a heartfelt business and work hard, her passions and pursuit of Reiki and life coaching have the same love and dedication.  I receive treatment and have for over a year now from Trista.  I could not imagine the journey at this time without it.  I have had an amazing loss and transition transpire and Trista has been an invaluable aid in my healing process.  I highly recommend this woman to be a light in your tunnel.  She is capable of many modes of healing and takes time to build trust and individualize your experience.  This is where she needs to be.  It shows in her care.  Any session or good provided by this woman carries an amazing aptitude of healing and love.



After a session with Trista, I feel "lighter" and more centered.  She has helped me release pain that came up from past life trauma.  She creates a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere in a safe, sacred space.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.            



Reiki with Trista has honestly changed my life.  Not just in the big way of reducing and relieving my migraines, but in 

the small daily rituals of meditation, gratitude and intuition.  Teaching and working from a place of deep, real personal

truth, Trista makes these small and yet infinitely important changes seem manageable and joyful.  You will go to her for

one thing and return for the myriad of gifts she so generously shares. 



Trista embodies deep care and presence is all her healing work. Feel guided, reconnected, LOVED, and transformed in her sacred space. Her breathwork sessions are unforgettable! 


This is a place of healing-an all-welcoming space for heart work.