Empowered Connections

A Sacredly Inspired Women's Circle



About the Empowered Connections Women's Circle

It is vital for our hearts to feel supported, loved and connected. Empowered Connections gatherings are a time to help you awaken your heart, ignite your inner light and feel the support of a small, powerful circle of divine woman, just like yourself. We will meet once a month at Sacred Space in Bloomington, IN.  This will be a small intimate class to cultivate a deep, soulful energy. 


Each time we meet, we will be guided on a gentle meditation to soft music and often to the beat of a drum. We will call in the support of the seven directions, our guides, ancestors, angels and spirit helpers to guide us along our sacred journeys. During each guided meditation you will receive loving Reiki energy to help ground and balance your energy. We gather in circle to feel our connection to Self, each other and to the Oneness of everything. 


There will be new themes each month that will invite you to dive deep into your heart to feel empowered to let go, receive and awaken to your most authentic, beautiful Self. We'll work with gentle, conscious breathing, we'll go on Shamanic journeys to meet our spirit animals/helping spirits, we'll be guided to clear our energies and work with our chakra system, engage in sacred ceremonies, celebrate Mother Earth, each other and much more. Whatever the journey brings, my intention is to help us find more balance, joy, empowerment and connection to our lives.  


Enjoy a time of love, laughter, joy, raised vibrations and support as we call ourselves back home to our hearts. Joining together in sacred sisterhood to celebrate one another as we step deeper into knowing our heart and soul. There is an infinite power that ignites within each of us when we unite together. Together we truly do shine brighter.  

I look forward to seeing how this group organically evolves.


I AM open to co-creating with the Universe to help create exactly what each group needs most. 


Who's Invited?:

Anyone who identifies as a woman is welcome. Woman 18 and up can attend. When we gather togther, women of all ages, to share our stories and wisdom we can be enlightend and empowered by each other. There is no singular path or religion associated with our gatherings. The circle offers a supportive, kind and compassionate environment. Come as you are, when you feel the pull, and feel welcomed and celebrated. 

Things to bring:

A cozy blanket, journal, and a face mask to wear while indoors. I will provide water, hot tea and a small vegan snack each

time we meet. There will be places to be on the floor or in a comfortable seat during our time together.


You are invited...


Friday, November 19th 6:00-8:30  

Theme: Connecting With Your Sacred Heart

In our November circle we will be celebrating our beautiful hearts! Our power as women comes from the strength of our hearts. As we continue to build this heart muscle and learn the lessons of what it means to lead and live fully from our hearts we become more in tune with our purpose, passions and Self.  When we allow ourselves to have the capability to see all parts of ourselves we begin to move beyond the dense energy and move into the vibrational language of our truth. This is how we help make changes in our lives and on the planet. We are being asked to sit with our hearts. Nurture them, talk with them, listen to them and learn from the heartaches and joys. We are part of this cosmic energy shift that is happening on our planet. Now is the time to culitvate more love, more compassion, more forgiveness and more connection to your beautiful spirit!  You are worthy of healing, love, connection, support and joy!  

During our time together, you'll be led on a guided meditation to connect and clear your energy.  You'll be led to release wounds imprinted in your system and to invite your radiant strength and power into your life. You are hear to speak your truth, hold your emotional center, have empathy and to understand and connect to your mind, body and spirit as it relates to you and to the world around you. During the meditation you will receive Reiki from Trista to help you ground, clear and balance. 

We will share in circle, journal and craft affirmation jars to take home with you to assist you in continuing to work with your loving energy. 

As a bonus...you'll be emailed after our time together, a short guided meditation to use in your daily practice to help cultivate loving compassion in your life. 

This circle will offer a safe and supportive place to open our hearts to receive loving insights and healing. 

Register here to join in this loving November circle! Only 8 spots available.  


Event Tuition: $44 

Sunday, December 12th 2:00-4:30/5:00

Theme: Welcoming The Winter Solstice 

In our December circle we will honor the dark and the light. We'll be invited to meditate on the dark as we prepare ourselve for the rebirth of light. "We have nothing to fear from the Darkness, for she is our mother and she is also the mother of the Light." Let your heart be soothed with gentle Reiki from Trista and beautiful sound healing with Janiece Jaffe during our meditation. 

During our time together we will call in our ancestors, guides, angels, the 7 directions and all that is sacred to us as we are led on a gentle meditation to acknowledge the dark and the light within, raise our vibrations, allow ourselves to let go and prepare for the rebirth of light. We will set intentions on what we are prepared to let go of and ready to create with a circle share and journaling. Give thanks for our many blessings as we experience a Gratitude Despacho Ceremony. This ceremony is potent and powerful way to build the energy of gratitude, connection, intention, prayer and healing. If the weather is good we will complete our time together by the fire outside with drumming and the burning our Despacho bundle. 

What is a Descpacho Ceremony? 

A Despacho is a prayer bundle or offering…an expression of gratitude to heal physical and emotional ailments of any kind, to restore balance or harmony where it is off, or when there’s a specific request of the spirit world.

The ceremony where the despacho is collectively created is a beautiful, South American tradition, where elements from the Earth are chosen and the offering is built together, as a group, with intent and love. Ultimately, the Despacho offering goes back to Mother Earth, filled with prayer, along with the intentions and vibrations of those participating…a living request to bring energy shifts and healing in exchange for the continued love and care of Mother Earth.  

Ready to join the December circle? Register here..only 7 spots available.  


Event Tuition: $44 

Each circle will have water, hot tea and a small vegan snack. Please make sure to bring your mask as we will be wearing them indoors. Bring a cozy blanket, journal and your big, beautiful heart! I look forward to seeing you!! 

Much love,