Empowered Connections

A Sacredly Inspired Women's Circle



About the Empowered Connections Women's Circle

It is vital for our hearts to feel supported, loved and connected. Empowered Connections gatherings are a time to help you awaken your heart, ignite your inner light and feel the support of a small, powerful circle of divine woman, just like yourself. We will meet once a month at Sacred Space in Bloomington, IN.  This will be a small intimate class to cultivate a deep, soulful energy. 


Each time we meet, we will be guided on a gentle meditation to soft music and often to the beat of a drum. We will call in the support of the seven directions, our guides, ancestors, angels and spirit helpers to guide us along our sacred journeys. During each guided meditation you will receive loving Reiki energy to help ground and balance your energy. We gather in circle to feel our connection to Self, each other and to the Oneness of everything. 


There will be new themes each month that will invite you to dive deep into your heart to feel empowered to let go, receive and awaken to your most authentic, beautiful Self. We'll work with gentle, conscious breathing, we'll go on Shamanic journeys to meet our spirit animals/helping spirits, we'll be guided to clear our energies and work with our chakra system, engage in sacred ceremonies, celebrate Mother Earth, each other and much more. Whatever the journey brings, my intention is to help us find more balance, joy, empowerment and connection to our lives.  


Enjoy a time of love, laughter, joy, raised vibrations and support as we call ourselves back home to our hearts. Joining together in sacred sisterhood to celebrate one another as we step deeper into knowing our heart and soul. There is an infinite power that ignites within each of us when we unite together. Together we truly do shine brighter.  

I look forward to seeing how this group organically evolves.


I AM open to co-creating with the Universe to help create exactly what each group needs most. 


Who's Invited?:

Anyone who identifies as a woman is welcome. Woman 18 and up can attend. When we gather togther, women of all ages, to share our stories and wisdom we can be enlightend and empowered by each other. There is no singular path or religion associated with our gatherings. The circle offers a supportive, kind and compassionate environment. Come as you are, when you feel the pull, and feel welcomed and celebrated. 

Things to bring:

A cozy blanket, journal, and a face mask to wear while indoors. I will provide water, hot tea and a small vegan snack each

time we meet. There will be places to be on the floor or in a comfortable seat during our time together.


You are invited...


Saturday, May 21st 3:30-8:00

Theme: Transformation Through Breath


Enjoy this special half day retreat during our May Women's Circle. Our breath is a powerful tool that can help us during times of transformation.  Helping us purge and let go of emotional wounds that we hold in the body, connects us to our amazing Spirit, helps us to step away from our ego brain chatter and can open us up to receive more love, healing and a feeling of oneness and alignment in our lives.  

During this half day retreat at Sacred Space we will go on a Sacred Healing Breathwork journey. If you have not experienced this type of breathwork click here for more information. After our journey we will process using the art of collage and journaling.  Creating a personal piece of art to express the messages you received during your breathwork.  

We will come back to circle to share, support and talk about each of your experiences and your art as you receive guidance and insights from Trista.  We will close our out time together by sharing a light vegan meal together to celebrate each other, our transformations, healings and love. 

*This will be an unmasked event due to using our breath to journey.  Please me mindful and only attend if you have been healthy and have not been around anyone that has been sick with any symptoms of any kind.  We want to create a safe and healthy environment. I appreciate your loving support! 

*For this event please bring with you a big cozy blanket to wrap up in, an eye mask that stays put during breathwork and a journal. 

Register here for the May retreat

Only 8 spots available...only 1 spot left 

Event Tuition: $69


Friday, June 24th 6:00-9:00ish

Theme: Welcoming The Summer Solstice

Focusing on the celebration of the summertime, the south direction, the fire element, passion, and creativity!


Attuning to the cycles of nature and our own personal cycles we connect deeply to our truest desires and are more easily able to manifest our dreams. 


We will be creating a flower mandala to honor the sun, setting intentions on releasing what no longer serves us and to welcome in blessings and healings for ourselves, the circle, our planet and to Mother Earth herself. 


During this circle you'll experience a guided meditation, conscious breathing, reiki energy, ceremony, sharing, journaling, support and more....

Let's welcome in the energies of Summer together at Sacred Space! 

Register for this June circle here.

Only 8 spots available

Event Tuition: $44

**As we are moving into a more relaxed state, I am not requiring a mask to be worn during out gatherings at this time. Please be mindful, if you have been around anyone sick or have not been feeling well yourself, please take care and stay home. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. A credit will be given for a future session or gathering. I look forward to seeing you!! 

Each circle will have water, hot tea and a few small vegan snacks. Bring a cozy blanket, journal and your big, beautiful heart!

Much love,