Chad and Trista have been married for over 15 years and have been entrepreneurs for the better part of their lives.  Until recently, they both owned businesses in Fort Collins, CO.  Trista owned a clothing boutique and Chad owned a screen printing shop.  Knowing it was time for a change of scenery, they stumbled upon Bloomington, IN.  It was just what they were looking for in a new home.  The land, the people and the healing community in Bloomington connected with both of them.   Trista continues growing her healing practice, Sacred Space while Chad continues his music career playing in a variety of bands such as ALL, Drag the River, A Vulture Wake and also as a solo artist.  They now have more time to focus on their other passions and their Love and Let Live campaign.  They had been inspired for the last several years to become more thoughtful on how they leave their footprint on this world. They decided with their compassion and love of animals that they would change their eating habits and way of life and became vegan.  Their choice to change was easy once they started doing research and seeing all of the horrific ways that animals are exploited and mistreated.  With Trista's ability to connect with the animals and Chad's big heart, they knew that this was the only way of life for them.  Their mission now is to not only spread love and healing to humans and the mother earth, but to help end the useless suffering of all animals. To mindfully live a life where they are consciously connected to their choices. They hope that you can connect with their mission and realize that everything is truly connected. When one creature is hurting, we all hurt.  Let's show love, peace and compassion to all that inhabit this earth.  


Love and Let Live

Chad and Trista Price