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a one day women's retreat


 embodied journey to cultivate a deeper connection to your self growth


This one day women's retreat will be offered a few times a year at Sacred Space in Bloomington, IN. Supported by a small sacred group of soulful women, you'll have a safe space to explore your connection to your mind, body and spirit. Each offering will be based around a certain theme and will have a heavy emphasis on using our breath to create transformational experiences.  

What are you ready to birth?

What parts of you have been neglected and are ready to be cared for? 

How can you deepen your spiritual practice?

Are you ready to explore what's next for you?  

Is it time to let go of old patterns and make space for something new? 

This will be a heart-opening experience that will assist you in creating a strong foundation for the next steps in your life.  Expect slow and gentle embodiment practices, meditation, journaling, sound healing, reiki, sharing, conscious breathing, Sacred Healing Breathwork and other ritual and ceremonial practices at each retreat. Each circle will be a safe space to explore, learn and grow. 

I am a circle.

I am healing you.

You are a circle.

You are healing me.

Unite us.

Be as one.

Join Trista for our next Rooted retreat

 coming this fall season!

date to be announced this summer


Refund Policy

  * No refunds will be given but your registration can be transferred to someone else that wishes to attend. Please contact us in advance if you are planning on transferring your spot. Thank you!

Who's Invited?

Anyone who identifies as a woman is welcome. When we gather together, women of all ages (18 and up for this retreat), to share our stories and wisdom we can be enlightened and empowered by each other. This circle offers a supportive, kind and compassionate environment. Come as you are and feel welcomed and celebrated.


Are We Affiliated With Any Religion? 

*There is no religion associated with this retreat. We welcome all levels of spirituality. This will be a day of connecting deeply to your heart, body and spirit.  We are coming together to not only to be supported by a sacred circle of women but to also go on an inward journey to deepen our connection to Self and to all of life around us.

What's Included In My Registration?

*The full day's retreat at Sacred Space and the follow up virtual offering. *All food will be provided and will be vegan with some gluten free options available. Water and Hot Tea will also be available. **Please let me know of any allergies or preferences when you register so that I can offer plenty of yummy food options for our day.  If there is a food that you just don't like...let me know! I want to make sure everyone feels nourished...we will be using a lot of energy together!  All you need to bring is the above mentioned items in the schedule above. 

Where is Sacred Space?

*Sacred Space is a private studio located on Trista's property in the southern part of Bloomington, Indiana.  We are just a couple miles south of the Starlite Drive In.  An exact address will be given in your confirmation email after registration is complete.

How many will be in each retreat?

*Groups will be no larger than 8 women plus Trista.

Do I need to have any experience with breathwork or any other practices?

*No experience is neccessary for anything of the activities planned for these retreats. Come as you are! I also welcome a free phone chat to discuss any concerns you may have.  You can book a free consult here.


What if Sacred Space cancels the event? 

*In the very rare occurrence that Trista needs to cancel the retreat due to inclement weather or emergency, you will have the chance to either choose a refund or attend the rescheduled event. Trista will reschedule the event quickly and will give notice as soon as possible.

Are you ready?

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