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I am grateful for.....

Welcome back! We are so very humbled by the outpouring of support by everyone over the last

week. We just went live with this site a week ago and we have seen such love from so many. So today, I write about gratitude and how it can be a powerful tool in our lives. It's amazing the perspective that gratitude can give us. I am grateful for so many things. I'm grateful for my family, human and dog:) I am also grateful for the peace, freedom and creativity that I get to experience in my life. I'm grateful that I get to share this project with everyone! Wow...there are just too many things to list! Gratitude can be a way to center and ground yourself when life gets crazy and your mind gets cluttered and all you can hear is noise. Take a moment to think about or write down even just a few things that bring joy to your life and instantly you feel centered and grounded. Just like anyone else, life can drag me down sometimes and I too get overwhelmed by the angst and cruelty in this world, but in those times, I feel like it's even more important to be full of gratitude so that I am capable of finding the good, even when it doesn't seem like there is any. Instead of falling into the darkness and sadness, I try my best to raise my energy to love. That positive energy is contagious and will spread! So I encourage you to be grateful for something each day and with that will come strength, love and motivation to live a life inspired. We thank you again for your continued support! Much gratitude and love to all. Until next time.


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