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Hello! It's been a bit since I've written, but today seemed like a great day to reach out and get back into it. What have you not done in a while that is calling out for you to return to? The days are flying by quickly and soon it will be yet another season. The Spring has brought with it new life, new beginnings and much change from our dreary winter months. Just recently here in Indiana the magical fireflies have returned to once again shine their light during the warm nights. I walk out into my yard in the evenings and it's like I am being greeted by hundreds of little magical fairies. I love it! We didn't have them in is a welcomed change. Over the past few months I have been getting ready to open Sacred Space here on our property. We have had demolition, repairs and rebuilding. Lots of creating and movement of energy to get ready for healings, celebrations, and connections. As Spring continues and we move forward I have been contemplating more about balance and how we can lose it so easily. In my life I have had to recede into my own personal cave to find sanctuary. These times required me to be alone to build my strength, heal my wounds, and to connect deeper to myself and the divine. I cherish my solitude. But there are also times where I have needed connection and support of others. Those times when only being with other humans is the cure for life's ups and downs. In order to find balance in your life, you must find what works best for you. A balance of work, play and solitude. Now I know with most people solitude is a challenge, but even finding a few moments in your day to have stillness, quiet and a time to check in can be a life saver. I was recently given a quick tool to make sure that I was checking in with myself each day and it's as simple as setting a reminder on your phone and when the alarm goes off, just take a breath, check in and am I doing? Do I need a second to pause, sit down, breathe or even shake off the day? If we can do this a few times a day with a reminder will soon just be trained to check in without the reminder and a little more balance can return to your life. This is just another simple, easy way of living a bit more mindful. I find that some days I just go and go and go and at the end of the day...I haven't checked in once and then the day is over. I was not present at all because I was too busy to be mindful of it. Those are the days that are a great reminder to me to be more present the following day. The world is moving all around us all day every day and we are missing the beauty of this earth and our lives. Take time to hear the wind blowing, the birds chirping and all the little things that make our life on this planet amazing. Be more present and return to center. Much joy can be experienced here in the present. We only get the present right here and now at this very moment. So go outside tonight, hear the bugs buzzing, the wind blowing and maybe you'll see a firefly or two....oh and don't forget to set your alarm for your mindful moment check in tomorrow:)

It is with great excitement to announce that at the end of June, I will be facilitating my first Sacred Healing Breathwork right here at Sacred Space! We will still be under a slight amount of construction, but nothing to stop us from enjoying an afternoon of breath. I invite you to visit the link at the bottom of this page to see if your heart is being called to join in. I am also scheduling for healing sessions and private breathworks. You may schedule any of these on line as well. Bookings will begin June 18th. I will be also joining the gals at Sophia Collective later this Summer as they open an amazing healing center here in Bloomington. I will be facilitating a monthly breathwork and will also be selling Sacred Space candles and Love and Let Live merch in their shop. For more information about Sophia please visit their website

For more info about reserving your space for breathwork on June 23rd or to book a private session, please follow this link.

Until next time...much love,


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