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finding our peace

It's a time to retreat and it's a time to be seen and heard. What I hear is it's a time for balance. The world is moving so quickly that what we need is both. I know I feel it. Some days I need to stay close to home, go within and recharge my body, mind and spirit. These are the days that are needed. We must not feel lazy or guilty for taking time to heal from the outside chatter, violence and disharmony. When we allow ourselves the time to recharge we are better for the planet and we are better for ourselves and all that are around us. To bring more action to your life...a life full of love, joy, conviction and movement we need to take time for self care. With all of the increased noise on this planet we are bound to be overflowing in nervous energy. That energy needs to go somewhere healthy. It needs to be purged and replaced with pure love and joy. We cannot run on empty. We cannot expect ourselves to be functioning, loving humans running around full of the angst and anger that sometimes fuels us. Finding a way of releasing all that comes at us each day, a way of letting go of the noise of the news, chatter, world events and even all of the normal noise is necessary to raise this planet up to a more loving place. We are all human, and we all have found ourselves in a place where we cannot take one more disheartening story or one more hard time or one more ridiculous news story. How do we replenish our souls, our hearts and our minds? We do this by taking time to disconnect from the outside world. Just long enough to purge all the shit that we've been holding onto. Just long enough for you to feel like you again! I do this with exercise, yoga, meditation, writing and this is also why I practice and facilitate breathwork. We can be our own healers. We are responsible for our own energy and how we move in this world. Are we our best selves so that we are the most loving, kind and compassionate people we can be in this world? Now I know we all have our moments....I know I sure have, but the more mindful about how we feel and what we are subjecting ourselves to....the better we feel and the better we make others feel. This all comes back to the daily check in. Have I been on social media too much? Have I been taking in too much of the news? Have I been relying on other peoples stories and opinions and not listening to myself enough? Have I taken the time to purge the energy of the daily life to make sure that there is room for love and joy? These are the things that I hear are important right now. We can be the motivators of change and the people that raise the vibration of this planet up. We can be the light in other peoples lives and we can bring the much needed love to the planet, but first we must be responsible for our own energies. What healthy energies are you bringing to the table right now? Do you feel overwhelmed by life or are you finding this balance? Take a breath, a moment and see how you are moving in this world. There are many people who are finding this balance and I am grateful to them for holding this beautiful space of balance for all of us. Now is the time to reach out and accept this space and to go to it and take time to heal and replenish your mind, body and spirit. Now is the time for retreating and for action. Find your balance.

If you need help finding your balance and would like to book an intuitive healing session or to join a private or group breathwork, I am here to hold space for you. I'm here to help you find your breath, your voice and your peace. I support you.

Much love and big hugs,


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