you are one of a kind's a word that keeps popping up in my life. What does it mean to be worthy? It means to be deserving and you know what? You deserve to feel worthy! What a simple and amazing concept....we all deserve to be happy and to receive love and joy! It took me a minute to figure that out in my own life. The world is moving so fast right now and we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. I'd like to share a snippet of my journey so far of how I discovered that I deserve to feel worthy, in hopes that you will take some time to slow down and feel your own joy. There was a time in my life where I found myself feeling like the walls were caving in, like I was drowning with nowhere

walk your path

Whoa! I just realized how long it's been since I have posted any writings and today I am really feeling the need to put words onto screen or like it used to be...pen to paper:) I do lots of personal journaling but today I thought I'd share my thoughts with you! So my journey of coming out as a healer, intuitive, and medium has been on my mind a lot lately as I step more fully into my purpose and as I work more and more with people. Stepping into your purpose can feel overwhelming, lonely, stressful and down right terrifying! But on the other hand it is glorious, amazing, magical and the best thing a person can do as service for themselves and the rest of the planet! I've been having a lot

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