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Whoa! I just realized how long it's been since I have posted any writings and today I am really feeling the need to put words onto screen or like it used to be...pen to paper:) I do lots of personal journaling but today I thought I'd share my thoughts with you! So my journey of coming out as a healer, intuitive, and medium has been on my mind a lot lately as I step more fully into my purpose and as I work more and more with people. Stepping into your purpose can feel overwhelming, lonely, stressful and down right terrifying! But on the other hand it is glorious, amazing, magical and the best thing a person can do as service for themselves and the rest of the planet! I've been having a lot of aha moments lately. You know those moments where you feel completely in alignment with why you're on this planet? Before starting Sacred Space as my main gig, a lot of you may know that I owned a clothing boutique in Colorado with one of my dearest friends. We started from nothing in 2002 and I am so proud to say that it is still going strong now in 2019! It was amazing to create something from scratch and to watch it grow over all these years. For many years it was so rewarding and I truly enjoyed it, but there came a time when I had learned everything I needed to learn from it and I gave it all the love and attention I could give and it was time for me to spread my wings and create something else...that's when I birthed Sacred Space. I started this new journey almost 7 years ago now. Like most peoples stories, my awakening was kick started from a loss and tragedy in my life. It was from there that I sought out help from different healers to help me find my way. While on the beginning of this path I started to tap back into those parts of me that I had forgotten about and ignored for a good long time. I allowed life, stress, fear and a lot of other distractions keep me from feeling the true joy of what it meant to be me. During my grieving process, I started to face a lot of sadness that I had pushed down and a lot of anger, tears and emotion were allowed to come out and be seen and heard! It was scary and freeing all at the same time! As I worked through these hidden parts of me, it helped me expand and tap back into the intuitive and creative parts of my soul. The healing awakened me and I started to see and hear and feel all these new sensations that I had not known for a long time! When I was a kid I would hear and see spirits and would be able to sense stuff...but I just pushed it away...knowing I could do it, but really didn't want to acknowledge it too much. I got so excited to have these abilities back in my life. I started to develop and embrace them. It became clear, very quickly that I was supposed to help others in a way that I was being helped. I wanted to help others shine and to find their way back to their amazing true selves. So now I find with every day I am learning to let go and allow more of the good stuff to come into my life and to allow the flow of joy and divine love to channel through me so that I can help others find their light! As I write this, I wonder how have you allowed life to dim your light? What parts of you are not shining brightly because of tragedy, life events, stress...what is stopping you from feeling the joy of life? Always remember that you deserve love, you are worthy of joy and that the universe is ready to give you all that you need, you just must be ready to receive. If I can help you get reconnected to life, reach out. I'd love to support you on your journey.

Until next time...much love and big hugs,


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