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With spring right around the corner and more daylight every day I am reminded of how it feels to wake back up. The sunshine helps me shake off the cobwebs of winter and my eyes start to come more in focus of new life all around me. My hibernation is coming to an end. Whenever the seasons change there is always a shift...a shift of energy, of consciousness and a physical shift as well. When the warmer months come around I start to feel that stretch in my body, my creative juices start to flow and that excitement that new things are happening. I am so grateful for this shift and the awareness of how I react to these changes. I know we have a few more weeks of winter weather and I may be jumping the gun, but I can't wait to plant the seeds, enjoy the warmth and watch the earth come alive in all her glory! Everyday I look out my window and look for the new buds on the trees. Just waiting for the signs of growth...I know its coming so soon. With all of these seasonal changes comes with it change here at my home as well. We are coming so close to having Sacred Space a reality! The drywall is just coming to an end and the painting and all the trimmings will be completed over the next few weeks! Soon...I will be able to offer our space for healing and connection with whoever is ready to dive deep with me. I'm happy to announce that you will also be able to purchase either of our candle lines, Love and Let Live merchandise and I will also be offering up a variety of oracle and tarot cards, sage bundles and a selection of books here at Sacred Space. You will be able to book sessions or join a Healing Breathwork retreat so soon. My hope is to create a space for you to come and let go, heal, journey, connect and awaken your heart and mind. I so look forward to meeting new faces and to see all the familiar ones too! May the new life of spring bring you renewal, excitement and joy!

Until next time....much love,


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