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Over the past week or so I have been reminded of my fire, of my passion and of my subtle rebellious side. That side where someone tells you you can't and you get all fired up and tell yourself...the hell I can and I will! With all of the changes that have happened in my life over the past few months, somewhere along the way I felt like I got a little lost, distracted or just a little off track, but then I realized, I was never off track....I just needed to take a different road. Part of this new journey has been me tapping back into that fiery teenager I used to be where there was no fear and there was no such thing as no. Now, as you can imagine, as a teenager I did play it a little reckless, and I definitely don't want to revisit those times. What is holding so true to me, even as I am getting older, that passion and that fearlessness that keeps us on the path of doing what we were put on this earth to do, is so relevent! What makes my fire ignite? What do I have the passion for now and how will my voice be heard? Today I ask that we all tap back into that fire, that hell yeah I can do it attitude and do those things we didn't think were possible. Today make a list of things that piss you off and you want to change or those things that you've always been too afraid to do or try and do it from a place of love! There are so many things in this world that are happening out of fear and control, but there are also many things that are happening from a place of peace and love. Great and amazing things like people uniting in love to bring positive change. With each person that is lifting their voice for change and being motivated to act out of love for positive things to happen....change will come. The direction of this planet doesn't have to be doomed if we all start to realize that we can bring peace, we can end violence and we can make change. With each person that says yes I can and I will....thats another person that is added to the collective circle of a beautiful world. It is time for a love revolution and today is the day to tap back into that fearless soul that resides in all of us. Today is the day to sit down, get quiet and connect to see how you will contribute to the world. This all starts with the connection you have with yourself and your purpose, the love that you have for yourself will want to naturally extend to help others. So join me in this revolution of love, this moment in time where we become more loving and we lift our voices to be heard!

Until next time....much love


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