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Love, Kindness, Compassion and Empathy. We co-create with the world every moment of each day. Each time we breathe, each time we make a decision, we are affecting this planet. With every breath we are connected to the animals, plants, water, trees, and to the entire universe. That breath connects us to the past, the present, the future and to each other. Everything is connected. My focus lately has been on how I can create a life where I am able to help more, love more and be the light that lifts this planet up. I know to some of you that may sound grandiose, but to me, it is my purpose in this lifetime. I believe no matter how we spend most of our days on this earth, we can all focus a little more on how to be that lighthouse of love to ourselves and to those around us. Our hearts are the access point to our spirit and higher selves. What will you do to heal your world,your heart? We must be part of raising the consciousness to see the shifts in this world. The change does start with you and me. I am not immune to the violence, the hate and the discrimination that is happening all around us. I am affected by it daily. This gives me even more of a reason to help hold this space to create more ways to love, to heal and to find peace. When we start healing our own traumas and wounds and begin writing theses new empowering and loving chapters of our lives, that's when these positive shifts happen on our planet. That's when we see kindness, compassion and love win! Embrace the whole and see all of nature and humanity as family. Everyone has the ability to activate that part inside them that is awake to life. Our world can be very mundane and we can get into this robotic way of doing things where we do things just for the sake of doing them. Now is the time to reawaken your heart and soul! Now is the time to find sacredness even in the mundane. It's time to reignite our lives, focus on what really matters to us and LIVE! The life you live depends on you. Yes, life can definitely throw us some curve balls, but it is how we handle it and how we move forward that matters. Change your thoughts and see the world around you change. I always notice more opportunities happen when I get out of my own way and allow for things to move and expand. I am cheering for you to find your voice...your passion....your love...your fire! The world needs us to wake up, shine our lights and to lift our voices. We each do this in our own special ways. No need to compare yourself to anyone...just be inspired and empowered to follow your own true path. So here's to your awakening to your own beautiful light! I am here for you and will continue to shine my light as best as I can. Reach out if I can help you burn yours more brightly:)

Until next time....Big hugs and lots of LOVE


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