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Taking the time to listen, to slow down and notice life...this can sometimes be a hard thing to remember to do. During this time of the year, when there is all the hustle and bustle of events, celebrations, shopping and just being in the energy of the world, it can be challenging. I invite you to take the time to pause....breathe.....and listen. You might just be surprised on what you hear. The quiet can bring peace, messages and in some cases a little noise. Even if there is noise in your head...notice it and see what it is saying. Acknowledging the noise instead of burying it can be quite enlightening. What's going on in our heads can be loud and distracting but it can easily be quieted with some practice. When we take the time to pause, we realize that because of all the movement, we may have been missing out on beautiful things that have happened. Recently, I realized that this was how I had been living for the first half of this year....I was so consumed with what was happening next that I forgot to listen to see what was happening in the moment. The present is a magical place, a place that will never happen again. I have begun to appreciate the present like I never have before. With each breath I am breathing new life into my existence. We have the ability to expand in each moment, if we take the time to honor the present. The Winter Solstice is the perfect time to slow down and engage in the energy of winter. Take the time, even if only a few minutes a day to listen without the distractions of tv, social media, people.....just you taking a moment for some breathing. Breathe in with new life and breathe out anything you are not needing at that moment. With the days becoming longer and the sun showing itself a little bit more each day, we too can learn how to shine our light a little bit brighter. I love the Winter...I appreciate the gift of calmness, darkness and time to hibernate and get myself ready for new growth in the Spring. I imagine my roots digging deeper as I prepare for new energies...for new creative endeavors. Even just in the last couple days, when I have gone out into the world, I have noticed so much synchronicity because I am living more in the present. I have had profound messages from strangers, I found an amazing huge feather yesterday on our walk (a gift from my angels) and even today I had a message from a repair man at our home! Divine messages that I would have missed if I wasn't engaging in the present. Today is a gift and to wake up an notice that each day, it will change your life. I have so much gratitude for the light and the dark. With each there is something to appreciate. So whether you are celebrating the dark or the light today, I encourage you to have gratitude for the present. What synchronicities will you notice? I would love to hear about them.

As I dig deeper into my Winter hibernation I am starting to prepare for 2018 Healing Breathwork retreats. Please check out the website page and if you'd be interested in joining a group breathwork or engaging in a solo session, please let me know! Starting in early 2018 I will also be returning to my healing practice where I will be offering intuitive guidance, reiki healing, mediumship and Healing Breathwork retreats. Let's see how much more we can expand, grow and love in 2018. But for today I offer peace, love and healing to all that inhabit this earth. Thank you for all the support and love you have given us this year. We appreciate each of you so much. Wishing you a beautiful holiday season and a joyful new year!

Much love and many blessings,


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