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Take a breath.....

Our breath is an amazing tool that we often forget to use. Today I'd like to kick off the new year with a quick way to be mindful, present and centered and all we really need is our breath. This is a practice that can be used anywhere at any time to calm us, clear us and to bring us back to the present. I use this when my head is full and I need to clear the clutter, to be reminded that I am connected and full of life.

Find a quiet place and if so inclined light a candle. When I am doing this, if I am able, I listen to quiet, tranquil music through headphones, but these things are not necessary. They can just set the mood:)

Place one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart. Take a few full deep breaths. After a few, start to feel the breath deep in the belly. Feel your hand on your belly as it rises and falls with each breath. As you breathe and feel the movement, picture from the soles of your feet the connection to the earth. Pick a deep rich color and see that color coming up through your feet, through your body, and out through the crown of your head. Breathe through this a few times and with each breath feel more and more grounded to the earth, to life, and to your place in this lifetime. Now move to your other hand. Feel your hand rise and fall with each breath of your heart. This time, picture a bright white light of energy coming up through your feet and filling your entire body. With each breath feel the life force pumping through you. Feel the peace and the solitude of you just breathing at this very moment. Life is constantly moving through us, connecting us to each other and to the divine energies. Feel how amazing it is to be able to witness life every moment in ourselves. Take a few more breaths and with each exhale release all the tension, stress, sadness and anxieties of your day. Release everything that you do not need at this moment, know that you are replacing it with pure love and divine energy. After a few minutes of breathing and you feel complete,open your eyes and come back to earth:) Feel grounded and focused in your body and thank yourself and the divine energies for giving you this moment of peace.

I hope you find this short practice useful. I know I have found relief and peace each time I have used it. Until next time:) Happy Breathing!

Much Love,


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