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take time to play.....

I was swinging on my swing today and it took me back to being a kid. I would swing on the tree swing in my back yard until dark. There was no getting me off that swing! That feeling of weightlessness...that freedom you feel with every movement. The wind in your hair, the trees and nature all around you. It makes you feel like you can do anything! As a kid, I would have stayed out there all night long under the stars. Even today it felt so freeing, so empowering. Lately we have been doing so many things that I loved as a kid. Hiking in the woods, playing in the snow and of course swinging on the swing. It has made me realize that until recently, I had forgotten to play and act like a kid. For years adult life took precedent over simple fun. Maybe moving back closer to my home town is making me regress, but I will take it! To let go, be free, be silly and have fun in the moment makes life so much more rewarding! So if you have forgotten to take time to play, I encourage it! Be silly...skip, run, jump and swing any time you get the chance! As my journey of being more mindful and determined to spread it around continues....I have to say that a good tip to living successfully in the moment is to add more play time in your day. It helps to melt away stress, anxiety and it's just plain fun! So as your week comes to an end, hopefully most of you get a chance to have some time to play. How will you reconnect with your inner kid? Share with me what you do to remember to have simple fun! Here's to more wind in our hair, more sun on our face and more living in the now:) Many blessings and love to each of you!!

Until next time,

Trista keep in the moment of living like a kid...todays recipe is for COOKIES! I'm a sucker for a good cookie...check these out and let me know how it goes. The blog Hell Yeah It's Vegan has a ton of great recipes! These Cowboy Cookies will not last very long in your house...they are amazing! They make a ton, so if you don't want the temptation to be around for longer than a few days, you can cut the recipe in half or freeze half for another time. If you have a favorite cruelty free cookie recipe please share it!

Find the recipe for Cowboy Cookies at:

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